Executive/Management Development Programs/Workshops:
01. Financial Management and Control.
02. Zero Based Budgeting.
03. Budget and Budgetary Control.
04. Finance for non-Finance Executives.
05. Cost and Performance Evaluation.
06. Activity Based Costing.
07. Management Accounting for Hotels and Restaurants.
08. Accounting for Engineers.
09. Add Power to Your Management Accounting Information System.
10. Budgetary Planning and Control for strategic Planning, Budgeting and Cost Management.
11. Implementation of IAS 14, IAS 16, IAS 36, IAS 37 and IFRS -2.

In addition to above, several tailored made training programs were designed and conducted for a large number of organizations in India and abroad. Some of the clients were: Larsen and Toubro, Mumbai, Madras Refineries Ltd., Madras, BEL Bangalore, Hindustan Machine Tools, Bangalore, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd., New Delhi, BARC, Mumbai, FACT, Cochin: Mumbai, Madras Port Trust, Mumbai Port Trust, MSEB, Nashik, Air India, Mumbai, ONGC, Dehradun and Mumbai, J.K. Industries, M.P. Government, and Government of India, Maharashtra and Gujarat Governments, Government of Andaman and Nicobar, Maharashtra State Electricity Board., M.P. Laghu Udyog Ltd, Bhopal, EURO consultancy, Africa, Pan African Paper Mills, Kenya, and for a few companies e.g. Bahrain Telecommunication Company (BATELCO) located in Bahrain.

Consultancy Assignments:
While working in India and abroad, Dr. Joshi completed the following consultancy assignments along with his colleagues

01. Implementation module for Zero Based Budgeting , Euro Cap Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya, 1982.
02. Preparation of corporate plan and implementation of Zero Based Budgeting, M.P. Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd., Bhopal, India, 1987.
03. Work study in Accounting & Finance Division, Forbes & Forbes Company., Mumbai, India, 1988.
04. Methods study and manpower planning, Maharashtra Electronics Ltd., Mumbai, India, 1988-89,
05. Financial evaluation and budgeting, Process Industries Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India, 1988.
06. Interpretation and implementation of IAS 36: Impairment of assets, BATELCO, Bahrain, 2003.

Administrative Experience and Representation on the Committees:
01. Head of Department of Commerce, Garhwal University during 1979-80.
02. Warden of NITIE’s SEP hostel from 1986-88.
03. Member of Board of Studies and Research of NITIE from 1984-93.
04. Member of the Editorial Board of NITIE’s journal Udyog Pragathi.
05. Member and Secretary of Ph.D. Committee, University of Bahrain, 2001-2002.
06. College Coordinator for students’ evaluation of faculty, University of Bahrain, 1997-99.
07. Convener of the Academic Standards Committee, Accounting Department, University of Bahrain, 1997-99.
08. Member of Curriculum Development and course allocation, and member of COMEP, University of Bahrain, 2001-03.
09. Member and Coordinator of Research and Staff Seminar committee, College of Business Administration, University of Bahrain 1997-99.
10. Key member of Committee on Accounting Program: UNDP accreditation (In November, 2003, UNDP team on accreditation visited UOB and reviewed its Accounting Program and awarded accreditation).
11. Member and Coordinator of Ad hoc committee on revamping MBA Program 2004.
12. Member of Board of Directors, Bahrain Music Institute, 2003-04.
13. Chairman faculty promotion, Department of Accounting, 2009-10.
14. Member, Faculty promotion, College of Business Administration, 2009-15. Member, College Conference Committee (2008-present).

Membership of Professional and Scientific Societies:
01. Vice-president, Indian Auditing Association, 1992-94.
02. Member of European Accounting Association, 1994-present.
03. Member of Asia-Pac Network of Schools of Accounting, Curtin University, Australia, 1997-2000.
04. Member, Society of Academy, Bahrain, 2001-present.
05. Member of American Accounting Association 2003- present.