• Participation  in International Conferences:1) Some aspects of  the adoption of IFRS-4 (Insurance Contract) by insurance companies in Bahrain:  An exploratory study, presented in Shanghai International Conference on Social Science, China, August 18-20, 2011. (Also chaired one session)

    2) Financial Reporting Abuses: Perceptions of Auditors in Bahrain. Presenter (presented by co-author Ash Deshmukh),  International Conference of American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, annual meeting, Paris, France, June 2011.

    3) A Study of Compliance with International  Auditing Standards by Auditors in Bahrain, a paper presented in  1st Annual Conference of the World Accounting Frontiers Series, University of Macau, Macau, July 15-18, 2009. (Also chaired one technical session).

    4) Diffusion of Modern Management Accounting Models by Corporate Sector Companies in GCC Countries,  European Accounting Association,  Tampere, Finland, May 12-15, 2009- ( Also Chaired one technical session on Auditing)

    (See: Performance measurement has become a pivotal point for companies in the Gulf)

    5) Diffusion of Modern Management Accounting Models by Corporate Sector Companies in  GCC Countries, International Accounting & Business Conference, August 18-19, 2008, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Johor, Malaysia.(Also chaired one technical session)

    6) Perceptions of Accounting Professionals in the   Conversion and Implementation of a  Single Set of Global Accounting Standard: Evidence from Bahrain, 31st  EAA World Congress, Erasmas University, Rotterdam,  Netherlands, April 22-25, 2008 (Also chaired TWO technical sessions ).

    7)  Multinational Corporations’ Corporate Social and  Environmental  Reporting on Website, 30th     EAA Congress,    April 25-27, 2007, Lisbon, Portuguese  (Also chaired one technical session in the Congress).

    8)  Audit evidence gathering techniques in Bahrain: empirical findings, 29th    EAA Congress, Dublin Ireland,  March 22-24, 2006 (Also chaired one technical session in the Congress).

    9)  Non-audit services and auditor independence,: Evidence from Bahrain, 28th  EAA Congress, Gutenberg, Sweden, May 17-20, 2005 (Also chaired one technical session in the  Congress).

    10) APIRA accounting conference, chaired one technical session, Singapore Management University, July 4-6, 2004, Singapore. (Also chaired one technical session).

    11) Changing dimensions of accountants’ role and skill requirements in organizations: findings from the corporate sector in Bahrain, 27th  EAA Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, April 1-3, 2004.

    12) Role of Audit Committees in Corporate Governance: Empirical Findings from an Emerging Market and Implications for Transitioning Economies, Conference on Corporate Governance and Investment in Transitioning   Economies, The Gorbachev Foundation of North America,   Northeastern University, Boston, USA, April 23-26, 2003.

    13) Compliance with IAS-1 by listed companies in Bahrain: An Empirical Study, European Accounting Association  Congress,   Copenhagen, Denmark, April 25-27, 2002.

    14) Budget Planning, Control and Performance Evaluation: Empirical Findings from Corporate Sector in Bahrain,  5th     International  Conference  of  Management  Control  Association,  University  of  London, London, UK, July 4-6, 2001. The paper was also published in the refereed conference proceedings.

    15)  International Accounting and Accounting Curriculum: A Survey of the Perceptions of  Corporate Chief Accountants in Bahrain, 2nd      International Conference on Emerging Issues in International Accounting- 2000, Niagara University, Niagara Falls, Canada, August 3-5, 2000.

    16)  International  diffusion  of new management  accounting  practices:  the  case  of India,  Accounting  in transition  and  emerging  economies,  William  Davidson  Institute,  Michigan  University,  Ann  Arbor, USA, April 13-15, 2000.

    17) Judgment Based Accounting: A Survey of Accountants’ Practices in Bahrain, 23rd         Annual Congress  EAA, Bordeaux, Munich, Germany, May, 2000.

    18) An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Audit Fees in Banking Sector in Bahrain,   22nd       Annual Congress of EAA, Bordeaux, France, May, 1999.

    19) A Study of the Companies  Accounting Practices  for Computer Software Costs in Bahrain,  21st  Annual Congress of EAA, Antwerp, Belgium, May, 1998 ( Also chaired one technical session).

    20) An Empirical Study of the Multiple Roles of Budgets in Bahraini Organizations,  First Symposium of the Asia- Pac Network   Schools of Accounting, Curtin University of Technology,   April, 1997,  Perth, Australia ( Also chaired one technical session).

     21) A Global Survey of the Perceptions of Accounting Educators on them International Harmonization of Accounting  Standards  and  Practices,  19th     Annual  Congress  of  European  Accounting  Association, Bergen, Norway, May, 1996.

    22) An Examination of the Relationships among Budget Participation, Information Asymmetry, Budget Emphasis, Budget Attitudes  and Budgetary Slack (Evidence based on Case Study from Bahrain), 18th Annual Congress of European Accounting Association, Birmingham, U.K. May, 1995

    23)  An Evaluation of Attitudes of Professional Accountants Towards the Acceptability of GAAP for SBC in Turkey, Third Annual International Research Symposium on Small Business Finance, Florida, USA, April,  1991.

    24) Using Multiple Discriminant Analysis to Determine a set of Financial Ratios to Control the Company Level  Performance: An Empirical Study, International conference of the Mid-South Academy of Economics and Finance, Mississippi, USA, February, 1990.

    25) Decision  Variables  in  ZBB:  A  Multivariate  Analysis,  International  conference  of  the  Mid-South Academy of  Economics and Finance, Nashville, U.S.A., February, 1989.

    26)   Long Range Planning for Management Education in India, University of Lancaster, Lancaster, UK, September, 1986.

    27)  ZBB:  Issues  of  Relevance,  World  Congress,  Indian  Accounting  Association,  Calcutta,  India, December, 1987.

    National/local Conferences/Seminars:

    28) Reliability of financial statements :some case studies,  National conference of  Industrial Engineering, NITIE, Mumbai, India,  1986.

    29) Key speaker on Zero Based Budgeting : a case study of  Maharashtra  Government, National Seminar on Zero Based Budgeting,  Department of Commerce  & Management, Andhra University, Waltair, Visakhapatnam , India,   1987.

    30)  Applications of ZBB in banks: case studies, Annual Conference of Indian Bank Association, Mumbai, India,  1987.

    32)  Corporate governance, Bahrain Accounting Society,  Bahrain, 1999.

     Papers presented by co-authors:

    1) Cost Management in Indian Public Sector Companies: Case Studies, (presented  by  late Prof. V.K. Gopalan), National conference of the Cost Analysis Institute, Washington, USA, July, 1989.

    2) An Empirical Investigation into the Information Requirements of Investors, International conference of  the Mid-south Academy of Economics and Finance, Mobile, USA, February, 1992.

    3) Management Strategies and Shareholders Value: Experiences of Indian Companies, International conference of Mid-south Academy of Economics and Finance, USA, February, 1993.

    Conference Organization

    1. 1. In May, 1982, a National Conference on Auditing entitled CONTEMPORARY ISSUES   & DEVELOPMENTS was organize at   HN Hemwanti Garhwal University, India. The conference was sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delh
    2. I was instrumental and a key member of the organization committee for the International Conference on Business Globalization, organized by College of Business Administration,  University of Bahrain, April 21-22, 2008. Bahrain.

    Membership of InternationalOrganizations

    1. 1. European Accounting Association  (1995-2013).
    2. 2. APIRA, 2003-04.
    3. 3. International Association of Accounting Education and Research 1998-2001.
    4. 4. A member of  International Accounting section’s  Information Technology Committee  (AAA) for  2005-06.
    5. 5. Bahrain Society of Academics 2002-
    6. 6. Indian Accounting Association , 1986-88.