• Accountancy I & II (co-authors: Latifa and others), published by Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain. This is a text book for the first level of Commercial Section for Secondary Schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain (This book was reviewed by UNDP Experts), 2003, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Techniques of Zero Based Budgeting: Text and Cases, Himalaya Publishing (refereed), 1988, Mumbai, India.
  • Zero Based Budgeting Technology in Government, Deep and Dhurv Publishers, 1986, New Delhi, India.
  • Leasing Comes of Age: Indian Scene, Amrita Publication, 1985, Mumbai, India.
  • Institutional Financing in India, Deep & Deep Publications, 1984, New Delhi, India
  • Introduction to Zero Based Budgeting, Deep & Deep Publishing, 1984, New Delhi, India.

Research Supervision & External Examiner: Ph.D. 4; M. Phil 2:
Dr. Joshi was an external examiner for Ph.D./M.Phil. theses of two Indian universities during 1999-2000. He was the external examiner for a Ph.D.thesis of Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia during 2005-6.

Dr Joshi has been an international external reviewer for several universities in Jordan, India, Canada, UK and Africa for evaluating the credentials and research work of faculty members for promotion to Associate/Professor’s rank e.g. York University, Canada, Napier University, UK..